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Academic & Education Verification

Candidate Academic Qualifications

When your business is recruiting for a role that requires academic qualifications, it's not enough to simply trust that a candidate has attained the academic qualifications they've claimed to. Academic history is the most commonly falsified information on a job application, so simply "taking it on trust" can lead to unqualified employees.

With HireRight's academic verification services, you'll be safe in the knowledge that your new hire has attained the qualifications your role requires.

Don't Be Taken in By False Claims – Ask For an Academic Check

Our academic verifications will examine your candidate's full academic history, ensuring that they are qualified and able to perform the duties you require, reducing the negative impact on your organisation that false academic qualifications can have.

We work alongside institutions and authorised agents to ensure that the verifications we carry out are as accurate as possible, giving you the information you need to choose the correct candidate.

Key Benefits
  • Quickly check and verify qualifications
  • Reduce the risk of errors and false qualifications

Request an Academic Verification Employment Check

HireRight can carry out academic verification checks anywhere in the world. Simply get in touch with us, and let us know about the candidates you need us to research. We'll then provide proof that they have the qualifications they claim or their application is inaccurate.

You'll then be able to take the appropriate action in the confidence that you're acting on verified, correct information.

  • HireRight's 2021 Global Benchmark Survey found that education checks were the third most common within EMEA, with 57% of respondents conducting them as part of their pre-employment screening.

  • It also reported that 47% of respondents from EMEA had uncovered issues with their candidates' education credentials as a result of background screening.