Social Media Screening, Who’s Doing It? And Why You Shouldn’t

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2016 HireRight EMEA Employment Screening Benchmark Report

Our latest benchmarking report gives insights into the social media screening policy of EMEA organisations. With the growth of social media in people’s everyday lives, the inevitable question is, what part does that play in recruitment? At what point do people’s personal profiles become important in hiring?

Around the world businesses must now consider whether to include social media in the recruitment process to better understand their candidate’s backgrounds and behaviours. Our latest research shows that EMEA businesses are the most likely to look into an applicant’s social media presence, with LinkedIn the most popular choice for such research, with 29% of organisations checking the platform. Perhaps more surprising is the news that 14% now say they look at Facebook profiles during the process.

HireRight_EMEA_Benchmark Report_Chart5

However, despite evidence suggesting businesses are using these platforms to research candidates, these kinds of checks should be carried out with caution. While LinkedIn may list professional experience, it is risky to make a hiring decision on this information as there is no way of verifying its credibility. Conversely, if a decision to not hire a candidate is based on information found via social media, it could lead to accusations of discrimination.

Download the full report to see more of the latest trends in employment screening.



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