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Is your company concerned about whether your drivers are notifying you of motor vehicle violations when they occur? How many times has someone from your safety or loss prevention department had a “surprise” violation emerge during the annual Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) review process?

Trucking companies, large and small, struggle daily with the issue of non-reported motor vehicle violations on the part of their drivers. While drivers are required to report any traffic violations within 30 days and Commercial Driver License (CDL) suspensions within one day, this seldom occurs.

In the past, fleet safety managers did not have the resources to frequently run MVR reports on all drivers, which often meant waiting until the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s required annual MVR review to discover recent violations.

But recent technology enhancements and efforts to access motor vehicle record data on a state-by-state basis have converged to create new opportunities for trucking companies to monitor their drivers’ records monthly instead of annually. HireRight, has launched a monthly driver monitoring program, Driver Violation Alert (DVA), designed to alert a company when a driver commits a traffic violation or has their CDL suspended.

This service is a screening tool available to employers with fleets of drivers who want to promote safe driving practices and reduce the likelihood of costly claims due to problematic driving patterns. Use of a monitoring service allows trucking companies to take a more proactive role in the management of driver safety, and gives the company a chance to take corrective actions or offer driver safety training that may reduce the risk of future accident involvement.

This is especially helpful for DOT-regulated businesses, as proactive screening of company drivers also helps eliminate any surprises that may occur during the annual MVR review process.

Other benefits of monthly monitoring include:

•Reduced administrative time associated with ordering and reviewing employee driving records

•Helps prevent costly liability claims and damage to company property

•Improved safety of both company drivers and other motorists

•Reduced the likelihood of negative press coverage due to accidents or fatalities

•Allows companies to proactively promote efforts to create safe roadways

In addition to services offered by HireRight, several states also offer driver monitoring programs commonly called Employer Notification Systems (ENS). Carriers work directly with the states to obtain driving record information for individual drivers within those states. States that currently administer ENS programs include AR., CA, MD., MI, NY, NC, OR., VA., and WI.

The American Trucking Associations (ATA) has also submitted a proposal to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) asking for regulatory changes to encourage motor carriers to use either the state-administered or commercial monitoring programs such as the HireRight DVA. In its proposal, the ATA has requested the FMCSA encourage participation in an ENS program as an alternative to the required annual MVR review.

Proactive monitoring of driver performance means faster notification of traffic violations and CDL disqualifications, giving motor carriers increased opportunity to improve the safety of their programs while also making the roads safer for motorists across the country.

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