Highlights of The 2017 Transportation Spotlight Report

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We are pleased to announce the 10-year anniversary of the HireRight Employment Screening Benchmark Survey and Report!

Our transportation industry spotlight report allows us to dive deeper into the key trends and concerns of the trucking and transportation business.

Here are some significant highlights of this year’s report:

  1. The demand for truck drivers will remain a critical issue for the industry, with no end in sight. Therefore, the importance of developing innovative recruiting, retention and onboarding strategies has taken center stage.
  1. The top planned investment for 2017 is finding and retaining employees.
  1. Reducing time-to-hire has remained the number one employment screening challenge for the second year in a row, as companies struggle to compete for talent and get drivers onboarded quickly.
  1. The top reasons reported as to why drivers leave a job are to make more money, spend more time at home and retirement.
  1. Organizations are leveraging multiple recruitment channels to attract drivers. Traditional tactics, such as print media and trade publications, have fallen in popularity, while the use of social networking and media has started to make its mark.
  1. Although recruitment has been a main focus, retaining drivers seem to be even more of a struggle. Out of 100 newly hired drivers, 33% will leave 90 days after being hired, with an additional 22% leaving by the 180 day mark.
  1. Improved benefits are proving to be a crucial retention and recruitment attraction. Companies can offer a variety of benefits that include healthcare, retirement programs, tuition reimbursement, child care, bonuses, wellness programs, and much more.
  1. More companies are utilizing alternate, non-DOT drug specimens as these provide higher positive rates. The use of hair drug testing instead of urine testing has reportedly increased by eight percentage points since last year’s survey.
  1. Around 60% of job seekers report having a poor candidate experience. Candidate experience can be tied to brand impression, which may also impact turnover rates.
  1. More companies are recognizing that a more robust screening program can help them meet their regulatory compliance needs and may offer more consistent safety and security.

Now that you’ve had a taste of what is in store, feel free to download the complete 2017 Transportation Spotlight Report here.

Download: The 2017 Transportation Spotlight Report
The 2017 Transportation Spotlight Report

Valuable insights on key industry trends, as well as, a source for you to compare and leverage your peers’ best practices to help you enhance and strengthen your current screening program.

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