How HR Could Save Valuable Time Every Day Using a Single, Integrated Background Screening System

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Have you ever encountered something so illogical and inefficient that the entire experience left you scratching your head afterwards?

I once had the pleasure of visiting [name of country redacted] via South Africa. The first step was to get through immigration. Not really sure what to do, I got off the bus and just followed the crowd. In the first line, I was given a blank sheet of paper and told to stand in a second line.

Eventually, a friendly gentleman stamped said sheet of paper and placed it inside my passport. I was directed to line number three where another individual signed the paper and directed me to a cashier.

At the cashier, I paid for a visa and was directed back to the last line, where the same man as before collected the paper, stamped my passport and sent me on my merry way.

The entire experience took a little over two hours, though I interacted with human beings for a total of perhaps three minutes. And the purpose of that piece of paper? I still have no idea.

So what does this have to do with HR and why should you care? Because unless your background screening program is managed out of a single, seamlessly-integrated and global system, you are effectively following the same counter-intuitive process that I encountered above.

It makes very little sense why your recruiters should have to switch between different systems based upon the type of verification they are requesting or what stage of the background check they are in. Not to mention that you also have to train your team on multiple systems.

From a more top-down level, having an integrated solution helps to ensure that your team is following a standard process. In addition, if you ever hope to build a foundation for HR analytics, you will significantly simplify your life with a single system.

Employers choosing a background check company have lots of things to consider. With #HRTech rapidly approaching, let’s take a look at it from a technology perspective.

Best-in-class background screening solutions include:

  1. A seamlessly integrated solution where all verifications, drug tests, I-9 / E-Verify, status updates and reports are managed out of a single interface.
  2. Extensive partnerships with applicant tracking systems (ATS) and on-boarding solutions. A ‘productized’ integration including its own product roadmap, support model and dedicated vendor commitment.
  3. If you’re hiring in multiple countries, look for a global system that can be used to manage your worldwide screening program. Having to work with 11 unique systems for 25 different countries is about as efficient as my experience in line at the border. And unfortunately, it happens all too often in the HR world.

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Best Practices for Integration – Tips for Integrating Applicant Tracking and Background Checking Solutions
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