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Streamline Your Hiring Strategy with HireRight + iCIMS

HR teams can find it challenging to meet all of their hiring goals. Having an ATS and Background Screening solution that work well together can help teams from becoming overwhelmed.

July 19, 2022
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Amid the great resignation, employers face a multitude of challenges. They struggle to hire quickly and safely, keep current employees engaged and happy, and manage all the other fundamentals of Human Resources (HR). How can HR teams stay productive and meet their goals during these difficult times?  

Imagine working with multiple solutions to manage your hiring and onboarding workflows. These could include payroll, background screening, Applicant Tracking Software (ATS), and more. Managing these platforms can be a job by itself, and it can be easy for HR teams to become overwhelmed. Fortunately, we can help you integrate background screening and I-9/E-Verify with the iCIMS Talent Cloud, to help lower your workload and increase your productivity.  

HireRight is thrilled to partner with iCIMS, a leader in ATS. iCIMS enables organizations to manage their entire talent acquisition lifecycle – from building talent pools to recruiting, to onboarding, all within a single cloud-based platform. Together, HireRight and iCIMS provide an integrated recruiting and screening onboarding workflow that can help employers hire quickly and safely.  

How an ATS can help your organization 

Let’s look at how having an ATS such as iCIMS can benefit your organization. Before identifying potential hires that require background screening, companies must first post job listings on multiple channels, vet applications, and identify candidates to interview. On average, one job posting receives around 118 applications. These applications must be reviewed, sorted, and vetted – and technology can help accomplish that. An ATS allows you to:

  • Collect information about candidates 

  • Organize talent based on skills and experience 

  • Automatically filter out candidates who are not viable 

  • Track candidate communications 

  • Filter candidates using automation 

  • Deploy AI and machine learning to find ideal candidates for a position 

Utilizing an ATS can save you time, help reduce bias, improve candidate quality, create a better candidate experience, and give you data to analyze and measure performance. To learn more about the benefits of an ATS, check out this helpful Guide to Applicant Tracking Systems from iCIMS.

Adding Background Screening with HireRight 

You are probably already using an ATS, such as the iCIMS Talent Cloud. Chances are, you are also screening your candidates before you send out an offer letter. Your goal is to find and hire candidates quickly and safely. You want a smooth candidate journey for your future employees and to provide a unified candidate experience for them. However, disparate platforms can create more work for your teams and lead to unhappy candidates. The iCIMS and HireRight integration provides our customers with world-class solutions that streamline the hiring and screening process through scalable, productized integration.   

Better Together: HireRight + iCIMS  

Together, HireRight and iCIMS understand the challenges that talent acquisition teams face. Our partnership started in 2017, and since then, we have worked with hundreds of organizations to help them hire and onboard candidates.  

HireRight integrates seamlessly with the iCIMS talent acquisition suite so that iCIMS users can easily order HireRight background screening solutions. Using the iCIMS prime integration, employers can create screening orders, track orders, and view screening results without ever leaving the iCIMS Talent Cloud. The candidate information transfers directly to the HireRight screening form, reducing duplicate data and errors. This leads to a seamless hiring experience for both the recruiter and the candidate.

“Both iCIMS and HireRight solutions help recruiters facilitate efficiency, accuracy, and compliance during recruiting and hiring, which is key in today’s hiring market. Together, iCIMS and HireRight can help our mutual customers through this process. The dedication and collaboration behind the partnership gives customers a seamless and effective way to hire qualified top talent.”

Chris Amabile, Director of Partnerships, iCIMS.

Want to hear more about this best-in-class partnership? Check out the HireRight + iCIMS partner page.

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Release Date: July 19, 2022

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