Is Your Candidate Experience Really Mobile?

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The new on-demand economy has conditioned us to become time-starved mobile consumers seeking instant gratification. I can now order a car to pick me up virtually wherever I am or even deliver groceries to my doorstep with a few taps on my smartphone.

Our media and content is now centered around what we want and when we want it – in my case I love the News broadcaster Sports app. I no longer need to schedule and record my favorite sports events because I can watch them live or on demand.  That’s an awesome ‘sports fan’ experience.

This trend has extended into other industries – including HR. In order to keep up, companies must reinvent their candidate experiences to be cross-platform and user-friendly. By transitioning to mobile-centric services that allow candidates to go through the job search and application process from anytime and anywhere, companies will help to reduce the risk of losing talent to a frustrating, inaccessible candidate experience.

Making Sure You Have a Useful Mobile Candidate Experience

Technology, specifically mobile technology, is merely a medium – not a strategy.

The user experience delivered at your candidate’s fingertips is the true interaction with your company’s brand, product, and vision.

In keeping with trends, many companies claim a mobile strategy by just taking the same features from their website and cramming them into the same tiny screen that fits into your pocket. This process is far from strategic, and more often than not provides a poor candidate experience.  As many services have learned the hard way, having a mobile app does not translate to having an effective mobile experience.

When you opt to do it this way, users don’t actually enjoy the experience which inherently hurts your brand.

An approach that yields results is to focus on responsive design. You need to consider what the user’s objective is in using a mobile friendly version and how they will interact with the app. Where are the candidates using their mobile phones? Honestly, it could be anywhere – in bed, at work, or even while on vacation.

The purpose here is to make the candidate experience better. It is to provide them with the tools they need to accomplish the tasks they are trying to achieve – to relieve the pains and leave the candidate with a great impression of your brand – to do it seamlessly without having to think about the fact that they are on a mobile device at all.

Putting yourself in the candidate’s shoes will help you choose the right technology that will really help your candidate experience.

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