Why Check Federal Criminal Records?

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Since the events of September 11, many companies have accepted the fact that conducting criminal background checks on job applicants is a priority. Criminal background checks help employers avoid workplace violence, protect against negligent hiring liability and reduce employee dishonesty losses. Below are some statistics that show why screening for criminal records is a worthwhile […]

Adjudication: You be the Judge

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Hiring a qualified, honest candidate is a goal of every company. But what if one of your short-listed applicants tells you she does not have a clean record? Let's look at the facts… Certain regulations stipulate disqualification if the applicant is an ex-offender/criminal — meaning they may be restricted from employment in industries such as […]

Tales of Those Who Tried

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Since the events of September 11, the majority of companies in America have made performing pre-employment background checks standard procedure. However, most educational institutions have not kept the same pace with their employment screening programs, and may not check faculty members for criminal histories. The following excerpt is from a story that was published in […]

Minimizing the Risks of Negligent Hiring, Pre- and Post-Hire

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There has been no shortage of public cases in recent years in which employing organizations have neglected to check the backgrounds of employees prior to hire and have suffered damaging consequences because of it. People get hurt, lawsuits are filed and companies get hit hard with bad press. If you’re reading this article, chances are, […]


Simplify Your Driver Monitoring Program

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Is your company concerned about whether your drivers are notifying you of motor vehicle violations when they occur? How many times has someone from your safety or loss prevention department had a “surprise” violation emerge during the annual Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) review process? Trucking companies, large and small, struggle daily with the issue of […]

Key to employment background check program

The Key to Fortifying Your Employment Screening Program

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Rod Fliegel Shareholder, Littler Mendelson Implementing and overseeing an effective workforce employment screening program requires a certain amount of specialized knowledge. Thus, companies are increasingly recognizing the importance of finding or nominating a subject matter expert (SME) – someone who knows that the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) applies to virtually all background check reports, […]