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HireRight’s 2021 Global Benchmark Survey Is Now Live

As we start to emerge from the pandemic, what will be the impact on HR, Talent Acquisition and workforce management? Have the events of the past year accelerated the Future Of Work? We want to hear from you! Share your voice in the 2021 HireRight Benchmark Survey.

March 3, 2021
Maria Moore, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing at HireRight
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Each year, HireRight conducts a global survey of human resources, risk, and talent acquisition professionals to find out more about the HR landscape – in particular, looking at background screening and talent acquisition.

Here are five key insights from HireRight’s 2020 Global Benchmark Report, based on last year’s survey findings, which we think may be different this year:

  • Almost one in three companies globally said that they didn’t screen any of their non-employee workers. However, if more companies have started using contractors and temporary workers during the pandemic, this may have led to companies re-evaluating their background screening needs. Should their extended workforce also be subject to background screening?

  • Globally, the top benefit associated with employment screening was “a better quality of hire.”

    With more companies having to hire entirely via remote means, are more companies going to cite “more consistent safety and security” as a main benefit of screening this year?

  • Just 39% of respondents from small/medium-sized businesses globally said that they verified their candidates’ education history. With cases frequently in the news regarding fake degrees and diploma mills, will employers in 2021 be more wary of their candidates’ academic histories and conduct education verification checks?

  • Finding qualified job candidates was ranked the number one global talent acquisition challenge in 2020, but will this still be the case in 2021 when many countries are reporting extremely high unemployment figures? With more qualified candidates available for work, employers should have a wider talent pool available to them; however, as some companies are now taking on permanent remote hires from across the world, businesses may have new competition in the ongoing search for talent.

  • Referrals and online job boards were ranked the most effective recruitment channels in 2020, but are employers looking to new channels to fill their talent gaps this year and beyond? How have companies that traditionally relied on in-person recruitment events, such as job fairs, adapted to a digital-only recruitment model? Will they see social media recruitment as more important in 2021?

This year’s survey focuses on three key areas of HR – talent acquisition, talent management, and background screening – to see what impact the pandemic has had on the future of work. Has it changed the ways we work forever, or simply sped up a transition to a more mobile and agile workforce that was already taking place?

HireRight’s 2021 Global Benchmark Survey is live until Tuesday, March 23, at 11:59 p.m. (PDT). If your role covers talent acquisition, talent management, or background screening, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

By completing the survey (which only takes around 10 minutes), you can share your experience and predictions for 2021, sign up to get an advance copy of this year’s report, and enter our prize draw to win one of 10 $100 gift cards.

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Release Date: March 3, 2021