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HireRight Launches Mexico Subsidiary

Exciting news! HireRight has launched a subsidiary in Mexico, growing our presence in LATAM. Our General Manager in Latin America, Ryan Christensen tells us about the regional market, our offerings, and our new Mexico City office.

February 22, 2022
Ryan Christensen, General Manager for Latin America at HireRight
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At HireRight, we are passionate about helping employers hire the right candidates for the right opportunities.  We know that employers across the world see huge benefits in background screening.  One of our biggest strengths is our ability to know our customers, and we know how screening can vary across regions.

This week, we are excited to announce that HireRight is further growing our presence in Latin America, with a legally incorporated subsidiary in Mexico.  This will allow us to provide a higher level of support for our growing client base in this quickly growing region and position ourselves as a top background screening provider within the region.

HireRight is no stranger to Latin America.  Last year, we went behind the screens to explore this market and the various background screening approaches common locally.  Employers in Latin America have been rapidly adopting and expanding their global employment screening programs.  Evolving legislation around employment in Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina reflects a growing interest in information verifications regionally.  To us, this means employers should take available measures to mitigate risk within the candidate selection process as permissible.

We’ve been working on the ground in Mexico City since early 2018 and have grown the team considerably.  We have a team of talented, experienced account managers committed to supporting our clients’ various dynamic screening programs throughout Latin America.  In addition to the account management and sales teams in Mexico, we’re continuing to invest in our service delivery capabilities.  We’re proud and excited to announce our new local verifications/research team in Mexico City.  Customer service is also available in Spanish and English.  We are also establishing supporting regional roles and functions within Mexico, including finance, IT, and recruiting.

Our team works from a beautiful office located right on Reforma Avenue near the Angel of Independence when not working from home.  We’ve grown from an initial group of three to almost fifty in less than one year!  There is an incredible talent pool in Mexico, and we’re fortunate to tap into that attractive market to best support our clients in the region, from within the region.

HireRight’s continued investments, including our HireRight Mexico City office, demonstrate our commitment to delivering local support in Mexico and within the broader region of Latin America.  We have several exciting initiatives currently in play that will help us to further scale locally and continue to improve how we service customers in the region.  

To hear more about our Mexico subsidiary, please see our press release in EnglishSpanish or Portuguese. Stay tuned for more news, blogs, and employment opportunities within Latin America, as we continue to develop our team and business in the region.

Release Date: February 22, 2022

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Ryan Christensen

As the General Manager for Latin America, Ryan is responsible for client support, building customer relationships, and driving HireRight’s growth across the region. Ryan’s interest in Latin America developed when he spent time living in Argentina. After returning to the U.S., he earned a degree in Communication from the University of Utah in 2000. When not at home in Los Angeles, you’re most likely to find him somewhere “south of the border” working with our customers and partners, or perhaps celebrating Día de los Muertos in Mexico City or reveling at Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.