Medical Manufacturer Tunes Up for Ramp Up

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Facing a major hiring ramp-up, a manufacturer of medical devices made what it thought was a smart decision and implemented an employee screening solution. The vendor they had selected was purchased by another company, and the cost of a typical report doubled. Furthermore, the system did not provide the compliance information, motor vehicle reports, or other reports the company needed in a timely manner.

Being an industry leader, the company demanded an industry-leading background screening solution. “We had a seven-page application that we e-mailed to applicants, which they brought to the interview,” says the company’s recruiting manager. “This was scanned manually. Our vendor then logged onto a secure site in our system, printed the application, and manually re-entered data into their own system. A background check averaged seven to ten days—definitely not an acceptable timeframe.”

Automating and Simplifying Screening
The manufacturer launched an extensive search for a new solution. “We interviewed five vendors, and HireRight was hands-down the best in all categories,” says the manager. “Their offering came at a flat rate, one we could easily understand. And their solution offered greater ease of use, ordering flexibility, simple implementation, online capabilities, and a richer complement of capabilities.”

Today, HireRight has automated and taken responsibility for virtually all aspects of the employment screening process. The company uses the solution to invite candidates to apply, order background checks with a single click, and view immediate results.

“Information is visible to me immediately, without going to an external site or calling anyone,” the manager explains. “If there’s a delay, I get an e-mail immediately. I can read detailed notes, including every call that is logged by a customer service representative conducting a background check. Each step of the process is automated until the report is completed, and I get an e-mail notification letting me know it’s done. In most cases, we trimmed the number of days to hire to less than three, saving an entire week."

Faster Turn-Around Times and Robust Reports
The manager was pleasantly surprised at the level of detail provided on HireRight reports and the quick turnaround. A good example comes from the motor vehicle report (MVR) audit. Before, with manual processes and paper, the audit took 45 days. Now, the manager simply downloads electronic information to a spreadsheet to start the process, which now only takes four or five days—about a 90 percent improvement.

She also appreciates the formatting and accuracy of HireRight reports. “Before, it was mind-boggling what we had to go through,” the manager explains. “We received pages and pages of computer junk, and it was hard to locate discrepancies in a recruit’s information. HireRight, on the other hand, gives us nice clean reports that are accurate and contain complete documentation. Any discrepancy is highlighted and easy to see. This speeds up the entire process.” When HireRight notes missing data, like transcripts or diplomas, e-mails are sent to management letting them know what is missing, and HireRight helps track it down.

Superior Savings
After performing a cost review, the manufacturer verified dramatic savings from switching to HireRight. “Just with electronic delivery of letters replacing FedEx, we save about $10 per hire, which really adds up,” the manager notes. “Overall, we’re saving about 20 percent per hire with HireRight’s solution. In terms of money, HireRight’s solution paid for itself in six months. In terms of efficiency, accuracy, and reducing headaches, it paid for itself in a week.”

She likes the formatting of HireRight’s bills, too. The invoice comes electronically in a spreadsheet, with very detailed information for sorting by department code. This saves the manager the work of allocating charges so that each department absorbs appropriate costs. Plus, she has no surprise costs from HireRight, which gives her peace of mind.

Because HireRight provides a Web-based on-demand solution, all that is required is Internet access to manage all aspects of screening. And when hiring doubled over the most recent 12-month period, this medical manufacturer was able to handle the workload. “If you want to save money, reduce your administrative burden, have accurate reporting, be compliant, and make your life easier, outsourcing with HireRight is the only way to go.”



HireRight is a leading provider of on-demand employment background checks, drug and health screening, and electronic Form I-9 and E-Verify solutions that help employers automate, manage and control background screening and related programs.

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