“I’ve already provided this information!” – How an integrated ATS and screening solution can help HR and stop irritating candidates.

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Few things bother consumers as much as having a phone support rep tell them to provide their account number, even though they already had to enter it just to be able to speak with the rep to begin with.

Unfortunately for HR, this also occurs frequently during job applications, especially when the applicant tracking system (ATS) is not integrated with the background screening or onboarding systems. “I already answered all of this information before! Why do I have to enter it again?” is a common complaint that recruiters hear when candidates are asked to undergo their background screens.

With the #HRTech conference fast approaching, now might be a good time to review how HR can benefit from systems integrations and what to look out for.

Why integrate your ATS and background screening systems?

Quite simply, ATS to background screening provider integrations offer significant business benefits. Processes are streamlined, duplicate data entry and associated errors are eliminated, and time-to-hire can be achieved more efficiently, with a better candidate perception of your employment brand.

In addition to smoothing out the process, having integrated solutions means that you will typically eliminate multiple user-facing interfaces. This leads to a better user experience and reduced complexity (which, in turn, might also help save on training costs).

An integrated background screening solution also generally provides you with end-to-end views of the process, providing greater transparency and a better overview of the status. Your users will not have to jump back and forth from one system to another in order to view the screening results. Ultimately, having everything managed out of a single platform provides an opportunity to create an analytical foundation for HR.

Not to be forgotten, of course, is the positive impact that this will have on the candidate experience. In an increasingly tight labor market, employers must ensure that they respect the time and effort of their future talent pool, who tend to be more mobile-oriented.

Should they really need to re-enter duplicate information? Candidates perceive this to be an unnecessary burden which serves to only hurt your employment brand. And quite frankly, it is 2015. Who can blame them for being annoyed?

What to look for in an integrated background solution 

I’ll try to avoid the tech-talk. A respectable background provider should be able to create an integration with an ATS. However, not all integrations are equal. In many cases, the integration is provided as an after-thought and then addressed by the provider’s attempt to create a custom integration.

Experienced tech buyers know to be wary of this.  Employers should look for vendors who have created an integration that is treated just like a real “off the shelf” product.

That means it should be central to the company’s strategy, be standards-based and come complete with its own dedicated roadmap and support model. By focusing on such a ‘productized’ integration, employers can help ensure that the vendor is actually committed to delivering a robust solution that will be enhanced and supported over time.

Because an integration involves multiple vendors (the ATS vendor and the screening provider), it is also very important to look for a background screening provider who has an exceptionally strong partner ecosystem. This means that you do not have to limit yourself to a specific ATS system, but can choose which solution best meets your particular needs.

Finally, one of the things that is really important with a productized integration is that the background screening vendor be invested in preserving the integration when changes occur. If the ATS system is updated, the screening vendor should be responsible for proactively maintaining the integration solution. If something goes wrong, you do not want to be in a situation where both vendors are pointing fingers at each other. Trying to figure out who is responsible is not, and should not be, your job. Bear in mind that not all vendors will take this level of ownership.

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Best Practices for Integration – Tips for Integrating Applicant Tracking and Background Checking Solutions
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